Saturday, July 29, 2006

More climbing Posted by Picasa

Wall crawling 101. Way powerful magnets in the gloves and boots. Mas cool Posted by Picasa

Power lifting at the superhero academy Posted by Picasa

Did I mention superheroes? Did I mention NASA being the coolest place on earth? It's like the mothership was calling me home! Posted by Picasa

...joined by Dyna-Girl!!! Posted by Picasa

Clarissa making an appearance in costume Posted by Picasa

Lighting Lad, Saturn Girl, and Phantom Girl strike a pose Posted by Picasa

Kinda dark, but,'s the space shuttle's butt. Posted by Picasa

This was the first thing I saw when we walked into NASA. That's when I was pretty sure I was in the coolest place in the world. Fellow geeks - does this remind you of the Legion of Super Heroes headquarters? Posted by Picasa

"You wanna piece of me?!? Now gimme that gerber applesauce, nunna that squash!!!" Posted by Picasa

Karla with her ballet medal. This was in June.......and she's still wearing the medal. ;-) Posted by Picasa

A class photo of at Karla's recital. The moms got together and planned the bling they're all wearing. Posted by Picasa

Alexis, just chillin' out Posted by Picasa

Mas groooovy! Posted by Picasa

Some last day of school grooviness Posted by Picasa

BATTLE!!!!! Posted by Picasa

big mutant hands needs big mutant gloves! actually, this was pretty cool - wish we had it at work!!! Posted by Picasa

Clarissa & my niece, Alexis Posted by Picasa

Ben with a buzz! Posted by Picasa

Sam & Clarissa's Tae Kwon Do class - group photo for testing Posted by Picasa

My nephew, Ben Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter! Lots of confetti eggs!!! ;-D

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

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